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AOC’s Dangerous Message Against the Supreme Court: It Is Our Duty to Control the Court

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democratic, referred Thursday to a possible Supreme Court decision regarding the U.S. electoral system. She assured that members of Congress should “control” what she described as an “overreach” by the Judiciary.

“If the President and Congress do not restrain the Court now, the Court is signaling they will come for the Presidential election next. All our leaders — regardless of party — must recognize this Constitutional crisis for what it is,” tweeted AOC, who called for putting partisan posturing aside.

AOC says Court must be checked

AOC, who has attacked the Supreme Court since last week after the abortion ruling was released, added that “Members of Congress have sworn an oath to the Constitution. It is our duty to check the Court’s gross overreach of power in violating people’s inalienable rights and seizing for itself the powers of Congress and the President.”

The Congresswoman referred to a news story published by the Brennan Center which asserts that “The Supreme Court agreed to hear Moore v Harper, an appeal advocating for extreme interpretation of the Constitution that could make it easier for state legislatures to suppress the vote, draw unfair election districts, enable partisan interference in ballot counting.”

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