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Armed ‘Good Samaritan’ Prevents Major Tragedy at Indiana Mall Shooting

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A man who entered an Indiana mall killed three people and injured other two on Sunday. However, a citizen confronted him and prevented an even greater tragedy. Greenwood Police Chief James Ison said an armed “good Samaritan” killed the attacker.

So far, no details have been released about the identity of the shooter, but police said that it was an adult male who had a rifle and several ammunition magazines.

Investigations in Indiana

Authorities assured that they are continuing to investigate the case and stressed that there could be a continuing threat alert. “Indianapolis police and other law enforcement agencies were assisting the Greenwood police with clearing out the mall and clearing the scene. Police later said there was no ongoing threat,” Fox News explained.

Axios indicated that “authorities said a 12-year-old girl was among two people wounded after the shooter opened fire with a long gun at the mall, south of Indianapolis. Her injuries were minor, Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers said in a statement.”

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