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Group of Illegal Immigrants Arrested While Attempting to Reach Puerto Rico by Boat

Grupo de Inmigrantes, El American Newsroom Puerto Rico

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On Monday morning, a group of immigrants made up of 12 men and 3 women, was detained by officers of the Maritime Unit of the United Rapid Action Forces of the Puerto Rico Police, while attempting to reach Puerto Rico by boat illegally.

According to local authorities, the group of people expected to arrive in Puerto Rico through the northwest coast of Aguadilla. Three nautical miles from their objective, they were intercepted by the officers, who escorted them to the Sugar Dock of the mentioned municipality.

The intervention was carried out by the Puerto Rico Police thanks to a tip from agent Luis Yulfo, who was the first to spot the group of immigrants while on patrol aboard a jet ski.

The arrested persons, who were in apparent good health, were handed over to the U.S. Coast Guard for the corresponding investigation and subsequent repatriation. The nationality of the detainees is unknown, according to the authorities.

This is the second case of a group of immigrants attempting to reach Puerto Rico by sea in less than 15 days. On that occasion, a boat composed entirely of Dominican nationals disembarked on a beach in Añasco and were subsequently detained by local authorities.

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