La derecha ganó en Madrid

Conservatives Triumph in Spain as Far-Left Wiped Out in Madrid

The Popular Party won around 64 seats while Vox won 13 while the left only had 59

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The center-right Popular Party won the regional elections in Madrid on Tuesday, winning at least 65 seats in the regional assembly. The victory is a triumph for Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who will now remain the president of the community for two more years.

Likewise, Ayuso said that the results will have an impact on Spanish politics. She pointed out that “freedom has triumphed”. “The way of governing with opulence and hypocrisy from La Moncloa has its days numbered. Enough is enough,” she said upon learning the results.

The right in Madrid bets on freedom with Ayuso

On the other hand, Ayuso defended keeping Madrid’s economy open. She explained that not all citizens can keep their businesses closed waiting for what the government gives them. “No two people are the same, you can’t speak for everyone, nor close everything and say ‘here you have a paycheck to get a life ahead’ because nothing comes free.”

Ayuso - Spain - El American
The right won the Madrid elections and promises to protect freedom (EFE/Mariscal)

Likewise, the leader of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, highlighted that it is a defeat for Pedro Sánchez, President of the Spanish Government and member of the Socialist Party. “Today Madrid has made a democratic motion of censure to Sánchez. Today Madrid is kilometer zero of change in Spain. Uniting the center-right can defeat Sánchez.” said Casado.

On the other hand, the candidate to the regional elections of Madrid for Unidas Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, announced that he is resigning from all his political posts and leaving party politics. He made the statements after learning of the poor results of the left-wing bloc in the elections in which the right wing swept.

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“I became the scapegoat that mobilizes the most anti-democratic effects. These results make it clear, I am not a person that can contribute to improve our electoral weight”, Iglesias assured.

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