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How Is Baby Formula Shortage Not the Top Story of the Moment?

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Baby formula shortages reached 30% in April. Between the Biden administration’s persistent supply chain problems and rising inflation, in states like Florida, supermarkets and pharmacies have begun rationing the product. 

The media, even conservative ones, have given little coverage to the crisis, beyond mentioning it, without getting to the bottom of the issue. Of course, if a Republican were in office, the progressive media would be going on and on about the conservative sexism that prevents women from feeding their children. What is deafening is the almost absolute silence of the conservative media and much of the Republican Party.

Is the Republican Party really a pro-family party? If it is, the baby formula shortage would be on the front page of every elected representative of the party. American families have to be the priority of the GOP – indeed of any politician, but that would be asking too much by now – and this issue has hardly been given a voice. Granted, there is little the GOP can do on its own to solve the shortage and the blame lies with the Biden administration, but stronger exposure is the bare minimum.

Getting solutions to help mothers and families feed their babies should not be controversial. It is a fully bipartisan issue. But the only thing bipartisan at the moment seems to be silence.

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