What Happened in the Meeting Between Sec. Anthony Blinken and Colombian Government?

For the academic director of the Institute of Political Science of Colombia, Carlos Augusto Chacón, the meeting was positive.

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The Secretary of State, Antony J. Blinken, met last Friday at the State Department with the Vice President of Colombia and Foreign Minister-designate, Marta Lucía Ramírez. During the meeting, the Secretary reaffirmed the alliance between Colombia and the United States.

He also confirmed the commitment of both nations to democracy, prosperity and security in the region. “He welcomed the national dialogue President Duque has convened as an opportunity for the Colombian people to work together to construct a peaceful, prosperous future,” reads a statement released by State Department spokesman Ned Price.

In this sense, the Secretary of State indicated that the United States remains committed to Colombia and will continue the cooperation between both governments to maintain a lasting peace in that nation.

On the other hand, he expressed his concern and condolences for the loss of lives during the recent protests in Colombia.

Blinken Colombia
Secretary Blinken expressed his support for Colombia’s Vice President (Photo: EFE)

For the academic director of the Institute of Political Science of Colombia, Carlos Augusto Chacón, this meeting between Ramírez and Blinken is an opportunity for Colombia to explain to the world what is happening. That is, to show that it is not simply a matter of peaceful demonstrations.

“What the vice president is doing is very positive. It is very positive that the Colombian government has understood the need for a much more active and less reactive foreign policy. To start telling the world what we are experiencing,” Chacón told El American.

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In his opinion, the protests in Colombia have a political purpose and are influenced by regimes such as Nicolás Maduro’s in Venezuela and other irregular groups.

“The background to all of this is destabilization. They have a political purpose for the opposition, for the Maduro regime, for the FARC and ELN. Colombia is not repressing the peaceful protest, the vice-president is doing that in her work as chancellor. The government had been very passive in its foreign policy in this regard. It is clear that this is articulated and designed so that when the demonstrations began, the communiqués of the non-governmental organizations were already ready”, he insisted.

Chacón said that the Chancellor should continue with this tour and not only visit the United States. He hopes that she will also go to the European Union and other international organizations. “We are under the threat of an asymmetric conflict that seeks to delegitimize the Government and the public force. And generate instability from disinformation, violence, vandalism and terrorism.”

Blinken on meeting with Marta Lucia Ramirez

Meanwhile, Secretary Blinken wrote on his Twitter that he is in solidarity with all Colombians working for a more peaceful and prosperous future. The message was accompanied with a photo of the meeting.

“Good to discuss our close cooperation on security, rural development, and counternarcotics with Colombian Vice President and Foreign Minister-Designate,” he said on Twitter.

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