BBC nombra directora ejecutiva a exeditora en jefe del portal izquierdista Huffington Post

BBC Names Former EiC of HuffPo, Jess Brammar, as Executive Director

The BBC said the appointment was made through a “fair and open” process.

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The BBC confirmed on Wednesday the appointment of Jess Brammar, former head of the British website of the Huffington Post, to the position of executive director of news of the public corporation, from which she will oversee the BBC World News and BBC News channels.

The announcement was made today during a conference in Cambridge (England) in which the chairman of the British public broadcaster, Richard Sharp, intervened and remarked that “individual appointments should be based on merit, as is the case with Brammar.”

The BBC said the appointment was made through a “fair and open” process.

Fran Unsworth, the BBC’s head of news, who has already announced that she will be stepping down at the end of the year, said today that Jess Brammar is “an outstanding journalist” with a “proven track record.”

During the event held by the Royal Television Society, Sharp was asked about comments reportedly made to Unsworth by the former director of government communications, Robbie Gibbs, in which he said that the appointment would damage relations with the Executive and the network.

The appointment has been strongly criticized as some messages posted in the past by Brammar on her Twitter account have been perceived as very critical of Boris Johnson’s management of the Executive and of Brexit; the journalist is openly left-wing, and will now lead a communications conglomerate that is paid for by all British citizens.

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