Los mejores memes de la semana: Djokovic y el "Open" de Australia

The Best Memes of the Week: Djokovic and the Australian ‘Open’

Now those who are dedicated to verifying the information are, coincidentally, the same ones who have apparently been lying

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Novak Djokovic has led the best memes of the week, among which, of course, we continue to find many about the pandemic and what they sell us as its only cure: vaccines. There are also some others about another of the plagues of our time, disinformation and what they sell us as its cure: fact-checkers. What a coincidence!

The best Djokovic memes

The Australian Open is leaving us with some unusual situations. Andre Agassi trying to give lessons in humility, John McEnroe supporting the judges and a whole political circus that has little or nothing to do with health or sports. At least we can laugh at the memes.

mejores memes novak
“An unknown tennis player with glasses and a moustache named Yesvak Djokovisku arrives in Australia to play in the Open” (El Mundo Today)
“Australian ‘Open'”

The best memes on disinformation and fact-checkers

The phenomenon of fact-checkers has become one of the trends of recent times. The term became popular when people started to stop believing the lies of the press. Now the fact-checkers are, coincidentally, the same people who have apparently been lying, misleading, misrepresenting and manipulating information for the past few decades. I don’t know Rick…

mejores memes fake
“Be careful not to spread fake news. Leave that to the professionals.” (Nueva Derecha México)
mejores memes yal
(Young Americans for Liberty)
mejores memes ratings

The best memes on the pandemic

We could not miss the memes about the star topic of the last two years. Although governments and the mainstream media seem determined to keep the fear alive, it seems that — at last — it is starting to fade away. The memes may have contributed a lot in this regard.

mejores memes booster
(Red Dawn)
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