The Best Memes of the Week: Biden’s Disastrous and Deadly Administration

The Democratic president remains to be at the spotlight of memes for his many mistakes exploited by the Taliban

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For yet another week, the best memes revolve around Joe Biden’s disastrous handling of the Afghan war. Apart from the hasty departure from the country announced by the Democratic president, which hastened the fall of Kabul into the hands of the Taliban, he has been criticized for abandoning thousands of American citizens and collaborators, the troops, as well as valuable military equipment.

But it is not only what Biden has caused in Afghanistan that has generated harsh criticism and even ridicule, but also his reactions in Washington to the media and to Americans that have caused him to be rightly attacked. Returning to his vacation in the midst of a crisis, refusing to take questions from reporters or running out of press conferences are making the president a laughingstock around the world. Many wonder if he has much time left in office.

mejores memes biden taliban
(Source: The Babylon Bee)
mejores memes biden china
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mejores memes biden bolt
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mejores memes biden kamala
(Source: The Right to Bear Memes)

Best memes of the week: miscellaneous

While the dire situation in Afghanistan seems to be monopolizing all the attention, this past week the leak and subsequent release of the official trailer for the new Spider-Man: No Way Home movie has also been in the news, highlighting memes about the return of the iconic Dr. Octopus character played by Alfred Molina.

mejores memes biden ock
Source: Reddit
mejores memes pinochet octopus
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