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The Best Memes of the Week: Big Bird Wants You to Get Vaccinated

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The best memes of the week looked like they were going to be covered with news of the rumor making the rounds in the British press that Camilla Parker Bowles had allegedly heard — and smelled — a greenhouse emission coming from Joe Biden. However, this news has been evaporating amid memes of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, Big Bird giving vaccination advice, and unstoppable inflation.

The best memes from Kyle’s trial

The funniest thing about the trial is that so far only the prosecution’s witnesses had participated, which seems to have handed the case on a silver platter to the defense. For the time being, it has brought us some good memes.

mejores memes kyle
Source: @davidthehc1776
mejores memes kyle rogan
Source: @that_southern_dude

Sesame Street

Big Bird has recommended vaccination and the Internet has lost its mind. We don’t know if this advertising effort for vaccination is part of the kickoff of the children’s vaccination campaign, or if the Democrats have decided to turn to Sesame Street to address all their voters in general.

mejores memes bird rogan
Source: @silentmemejority
mejores memes sesame
Source: @mostly.peaceful.memes
mejores memes head
Source: @granoldmemes
mejores memes advice
Source: @davidthehc1776
mejores memes bird fauci
Source: @libertarianconvert

Other best memes of the week

mejores memes camila
Source: @that_southern_dude

mejores memes perro
Source: @libertadyloquesurja
mejores memes blink
Source: @atlassociety

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