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Best Memes of the Week: Don’t Take the Hispanic Vote for a Joke

Los mejores memes de la semana: no hay que tomarse en broma el voto hispano

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The best memes of the week have a Hispanic accent, and the Hispanic vote is set to be decisive in the upcoming midterm elections. While Democrats insist on calling them “Latinxs,” Republicans are getting historic numbers thanks to the Hispanic vote. Of course, inflation and the LGBT political agenda continue to be other star topics among the best memes of the week.

The best memes about the Hispanic vote

Democrats continue to look down their noses at Hispanics, not realizing that most of them have come to the country fleeing precisely the socialist disaster in their countries. Progressive identity politics have worked for other minorities, but Hispanics seem fed up with Democrats trying to lump them together. That weariness is reflected in memes and in the real Republican red wave to which the Hispanic vote is contributing.

mejores memes voto hispano
“Democratic californians / Texas / Hispanics who vote Republican.” Source: @ignaciomgm
“Noooo! Censor that racist caricature! Can’t you see it offends latinx people? / Andale andale arriba! / Haha that mouse is so funny.”
“Me running away from the bookstore after putting Karl Marx’s books in the comedy section.”

The best memes on Pride

We’re still in the month of June and that means an overdose of gay stuff. The meme community continues to highlight progressive hypocrisy in hilarious ways, even if the sexual indoctrination of children is no something to joke about.

mejores memes bethesda rusia
Source: My Uncle’s Meme Stash

The best memes on inflation

Inflation doesn’t look like it’s going to stop rising, and there are more and more memes about the Democrats’ increasingly ridiculous excuses.

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