Los mejores memes de la semana: Honk for Freedom!

The Best Memes of the Week: Honk for Freedom!

This week’s memes are going to bring queues, like the Freedom Convoy of Canadian truck drivers one

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The main battle for freedom is currently being fought in Canada. The best memes of the week come packed with reactions to this indefatigable truckers’ fight against the authoritarian measures of Justin Trudeau’s government.

The best memes of the Freedom Convoy

Canadian truckers are serving as an example of bravery to the world. Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau, displaying anything but, has run for cover.

mejores memes justin padme
(Being Libertarian Canada)
mejores memes maestro disfraz
mejores memes JBP
(Being Libertarian Canada)

The best memes about experts and disinformation

As Joe Biden’s administration narrative slowly falls apart, they are doubling down on their efforts to appeal to experts and science, trying to discredit those who don’t go along with their narrative. In particular, they are wanting to make Joe Rogan the scapegoat on which to divert attention. Then you realize that those they accuse of disinformation are the same ones who claim that pregnant men exist.

mejores memes experts
“How science and economics experts are created.” (Reddit)
mejores memes joe rogan emoji
mejores memes emoji
“Finally, there is representation of trans people in the emojis of my iphone. It is vital to visualize minorities that have been oppressed throughout history. This is a great victory that will make the retrograde transphobes cry. / Finally, an emoji that represents my indigestion.”

The best memes about pandemic hypocrisy

The longer the left’s measures under the excuse of the pandemic last, the more obvious their incongruities and hypocrisy become. While they go about their normal lives, they force you to comply with absurd restrictions.

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