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Best Memes of the Week: Hurricane Ian Exposes Democrat Hypocrisy

Los mejores memes de la semana: el huracán Ian y los demócratas

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Hurricane Ian is leaving a trail of destruction and tragedy in its wake, but it’s also bringing some of the best memes that lay bare Democrat hypocrisy.

The best memes about hurricane Ian

It seems as if the Democrats are glad that Hurricane Ian is ravaging Florida, as Twitter is filling up with progressives who are showing their enormous empathy and great solidarity by mocking Florida, and even wishing the hurricane would destroy Mar-a-Lago or take out Ron DeSantis.

Clearly, they could not miss the opportunity to continue pushing their apocalyptic agenda regarding climate change. Luckily, meme creators are uncovering the Democrat double standard and their political opportunism.

mejores memes huracan ian dems
“Democrats trying not to politicize the hurricane.” Source: Mostly Peaceful Memes
mejores memes huracan ian desantis
“Breaking: governor DeSantis has rerouted hurricane Ian to Martha’s Vineyard.” Source: Being Libertarian
mejores memes huracan ian angry
“Weather 832-BC/ Weather 1246 AD / Weather 2022: DeSantis did this!” Source: Branco
mejores memes huracan ian california
“Authorities Warn That Hurricane Could Cause Florida To Have As Many Water And Power Shortages As California.” Source: The Babylon Bee
mejores memes huracan ian ralph
“The TV told me that if I eat bugs and pay more money to the government the weather will be more gooder.” Source: Libs
mejores memes huracan ian vaxxed
“This hurricane is going to be strong.. Are you prepared? / Of course! I’m Fully vaccinated!” Source: What I Meme to Say
mejores memes huracan ian democratas explicando
“People Grieving After A Natural Disaster / Democrats Explaining That They Didn’t take Climate Change Seriously.” Source: The Right to Bear Memes
mejores memes huracan ian pronouns
“Florida Right Now/ Democrats: What Are Ian’s Pronouns?” Source: 1776r3volutionist

Other top memes of the week

Not only has Hurricane Ian caught the attention of meme creators, other news has also caused hilarity, such as Virgin Atlantic airline’s announcement that it will now allow its staff to choose their uniform based on their gender identity, or Kamala Harris‘ gaffe in confusing South Korea with bad Korea, the one in the North.

mejores memes virgin
“Reject Modernity, Embrace Tradition.” Source: Silent Memejority
mejores memes virgin affleck
“When you wanted to be a Pan Am pilot just like grandpa.” Source: Silent Memejority
mejores memes virgin cruella
Source: Dumbass Photoshop
mejores memes kamala korea
“We have a strong alliance with Korea / You mean South Korea, right? / You mean South Korea, right?” Source: The Daily Wire
mejores memes kamala kim
“When you accidentally ally with North Korea: We did it, Kim.” Source: The Daily Wire
Mejores memes biden bicycles
“I’m here to crash bicycles and economies…and I’m all out of bicycles.” Source: Donald J. Trump Jr.

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