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The Best Memes of the Week: Joe Biden and the Taliban

Los mejores memes de la semana: Joe Biden y los talibanes

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The best memes of the week have to do with Joe Biden‘s disgraceful handling of the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. Although thousands of people are suffering the consequences and it’s really not funny at all, humor is serving as a catharsis to deal with this sinister and embarrassing situation.

mejores memes jihadjoe
Fuente: Grand Old Memes
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mejores memes taliban ice cream
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The best memes of the week: when the meme comes true

Just as the situation in Afghanistan began to unfold, this meme came out about how CNN would cover the news.

mejores memes taliban cnn

The meme joked with the past treatment of riots sparked by Antifa and Black Lives Matter — calling the protests “incendiary but peaceful” as the city burned behind the reporter. Shortly thereafter, in Afghanistan, the meme became reality when a CNN report in Kabul said the Taliban shouting “death to America” chants seemed quite “friendly.” Reality trumps memes.

Not only does the traditional media seem bent on trying to whitewash the situation to protect Biden, Big Tech like Twitter maintains the suspension of Donald Trump’s account while allowing many of the Taliban leaders to use their platform, claiming they “have not broken the rules.”

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mejores memes trumpistan
Source: The Babylon Bee
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