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The Best Memes of the Week: Nicki Minaj’s ‘Swollen Testicles’

The best memes of the week focus on Nicki Minaj and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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The past week has left us with hilarious moments starring Nicki Minaj, and her cousin’s friend; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, with her Cruella-like appearance at the Met Gala; and Joe Biden being trolled by a group of kids. These are the best memes of the week:

The best memes about Nicki Minaj

The left has harshly criticized Nicki Minaj for saying that Americans should not be bullied into getting the vaccine via Twitter, where she has over 22 million followers. In yet another case of the “Streisand Effect,” the Democratic Party has backfired by trying to silence her.

It all started with a tweet in which she showed her doubts about mandatory vaccination because, according to her, a friend of her cousin had “swollen balls” after getting vaccinated. The same thing seemed to happen to the left, and they went on a rampage to harass Nicki Minaj. When Nicki retweeted Tucker Carlson agreeing with her, the left again proved that they don’t tolerate too well when those they consider “their own” dissent.

mejores memes nicki morpheus
Source: The Right to Bear Memes (@grandoldmemes)
mejores memes nicki pnc
Source: Being Libertarian
mejores memes nicki redpill
Source: Reddit (/cosnervativememes)
mejores memes nicki church

The Democrat narrative to defend mandatory vaccination is starting to unravel into pieces. That Nicki Minaj’s message reached so many people seem to have rattled them. Especially Kamala Harris, who wrote an incomprehensible tweet.

mejores memes proteccion
Source: Reddit

The best memes about AOC at the Met Gala

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s expensive dress at the elite Met Gala garnered attention for several days. While the gala saw ridiculous and outlandish outfits at what looked more like a decadent Hunger Games party than a charity event, AOC’s costume stole the show. AOC proved that she could very well be called Alexandria Ocasio-Cosplay.

mejores memes aoc
Source: The Daily Wire

The best Joe Biden memes

Many accuse Joe Biden of making the country a laughingstock with some of his recent decisions. We don’t know if everyone is laughing at him, but these kids have done it to his face.

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