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Best Memes of the Week: Chinese Spy Balloon

Los mejores memes de la semana: el globo espía chino, El American

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The sighting of a possible Chinese spy balloon in U.S. skies gets all the attention in the best memes of the week, although AOC’s “energetic” speech defending Ilhan Omar is no slouch either.

Best Memes of the Week: Chinese Spy Balloon

best memes hunter balloon
Source: Sebastian Gorka

best memes spy trump
Source: For America
best memes balloon
Source: Being Libertarian
best memes it
Source: What I Meme to Say
best memes et
Source: Dumbass Photoshop
best memes white house
Source: Jack Posobiec
best memes balloon trump
Source: Being Libertarian
best memes spy biden
Source: The Babylon Bee
best memes chinese spy
Source: Donald J Trump Jr.
best memes FJB XI
Source: Edward Russl

Best memes of AOC

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to have jumped right into the role of televangelist and delivered a dramatic -or dramatized- speech in defense of her colleague Ilhan Omar. The memes were not long in coming.

best memes aoc
Source: Dumbass Photoshop

Other best memes of the week

The Twitter padlock thing ended up being true in the end, and another poisoned candy that the previous team left for Elon Musk hidden in the algorithm comes to light.

best memes adan eve
Source: Donald J. Trump Jr.
best memes captain planet
Source: Students for Liberty
best memes sanders
Source: Conservatives of Texas

More! Idiocy of the Week: The Fancy Feminist Perreo Festival

best memes leeches
Source: Students for Trump
best memes ChatGPT
Source: The Babylon Bee
best memes chad
Source: Isaac J.

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