Best Memes of the Week: Cuban Lives Matter

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This week’s best memes revolve around the protests against communism in Cuba, which are grabbing and monopolizing the world’s attention. Many socialists and communists around the world seem to turn a blind eye to what is happening in Cuba, but unfortunately, they have not remained silent, and do not stop repeating the refrain of the blockade.

The best memes of the week: blockade, blockade!

memes cuba bloqueo
Fuente: Templarios Meme Pub
memes cuba buttons
Source: Libertarios RT
memes cuba joker
memes cuba rene

Surprisingly, all the leftist politicians and activists who are so vociferous in the face of everything they consider a social injustice, in the Cuban case, are either very quiet or use the blockade as an excuse. Some have even gone so far as to say shamelessly that the protests in Cuba are due to the pandemic. As long as they do not admit the failure of communism, they do not mind contradicting themselves after having been falsely repeating that Cuban health care is among the best in the world.

Apart from the hope for freedom that these protests bring, they are leaving us with two other good things. One is the funny memes, the other is taking the mask off the hypocritical activists.

The best memes of the week: hypocrites

memes cuba aoc
Source: Sal the Agorist
memes cuba bernie
Fuente: Reddit
memes clm
Source: Zoé Valdés
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