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Best Memes of the Week: Don’t call it a Recession

Los Mejores Memes de la Semana: no lo llames recesión

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THE BEST memes of the week focus on the Democrats’ attempt to change the definition of recession to cover up the economic disaster caused by their administration. And also, Zelensky’s Vogue pose has created its place in this weekly section.

The best memes about the “economic transition”

The left is always bent on changing the meaning of words to fit reality into their narrative. They did it with the terms “woman,” “pandemic,” “climate change,” and even with what is a “peaceful protest” and an “insurrection.”

Now it is the turn of “recession.” Wikipedia has had to suspend the ability to edit the page that defines it because it has been modified almost fifty times in the last few weeks.

Unfortunately for Democrats, reality is stubborn. You can try to ignore it, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

mejores memes goma

“Democrats when the see a definition they don’t like.” Source: ForAmerica

mejores memes pooh

Source: ForAmerica.

mejores memes wink

“Dems: it’s not a recession, it’s an economic transition.” Source: ignaciomgm,

mejores memes recesion

“We ain’t in no recession.” Source: That Southern Dude


mejores memes biden trump

“I got you! / Oh no, you don’t!” Source: DumbassPhotoshop

mejores memes call it recession

“Don’t call it a recession!” Source: Branco

mejores memes kermit wikipedia

“Democrats editing the recession page on Wikipedia.” Source: ignaciomgm

mejores memes kids

“The U.S. is entering a recession. / If those kids knew what a recession was, they’d be vert upset.” Source: The Daily Wire.

mejores memes dr evil

“Democrats every time they say a recession by mistake.” Source: ignaciomgm.

mejores memes biden biologist

“Biden: I don’t know if we’re in a recession, I’m not a biologist.” Source: The Babylon Bee.

mejores memes ralph

“They’ll make the weather more good.” Source: The People’s Cube.

mejores memes climate change

“Climate change will kill us all, let’s dismantle our socio-economic system to prevent it! / How about nuclear power? / I don’t want nuclear power! / I want to dismantle our socio-economic system!” Source: Libertarios.

The memes of Zelensky’s Vogue posing

Zelensky and his wife’s Vogue magazine pose has not gone unnoticed this week either. It seems as if fundraising was the toughest battle being fought.

mejores memes zelensky biden

Source: Ian Prittie.

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