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Best Memes of the Week: Kamala Overshadows Biden in State of the Union

Although the best memes of Biden’s speeches are usually about his gaffes, this time it was Kamala who starred

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The State of the Union Address has generated many of the best memes of the week, almost eclipsing the other hot topic of the moment, which is the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Although the pandemic is already behind us, it still continues to fuel the creativity of the networks, especially in reference to those who want to prolong the panic about the virus indefinitely.

The best memes from the State of the Union Address

Every time Joe Biden is going to give a speech, you can hear the engines of meme creators warming up. In this State of the Union Address, the president entertained us with his usual lapses and gaffes, but surprisingly didn’t focus the attention of the best memes. Kamala Harris’ gestures are the ones that have starred in the event.

The best memes on the end of the pandemic

The pandemic is already subsiding, but many people seem to be hooked on it and couldn’t live without the restrictions, facemasks and other restrictive measures. In particular, many Democratic politicians are going to miss the pandemic times and will cling to keeping it alive so they can continue to dictate mandates and control people’s lives.

For those who need this sense of living in a time of exception, the media is already substituting the pandemic crisis with the Russian invasion of Ukraine to quench their followers’ thirst for misfortune.

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“CDC: Puedes quitarte la máscara / Bieeeen / DeSantis: Puedes quitarte la máscara / ¡Dictador fascista!”
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“Latin America full of problems but creating memes / Europe and USA”
“When you’re laughing at World War III memes and the sun starts to rise at 9:00 p.m.”
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Source: The Right to Bear Memes

Other of the best memes of the week

The economic reprisals against political dissidents carried out by the Canadian government are worrying, but that doesn’t stop memes being made about them. The one who must also be worried about the imminent premiere of Amazon’s new Lord of the Rings series must be Tolkien, who will be turning in his grave knowing that it will probably be progressive woke propaganda.

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Source: Reddit

“How’s life in Cuba? / We can’t complain / Wow! I can see you have a good life / I think you did not understand me.”

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