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Best Memes of the Week: Messi, Musk or Zelensky, Who Is the Winner This Year?

Los mejores memes de la semana: Messi, Musk o Zelensky, ¿quién ha ganado más este año?, El American

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The year is ending, but the memes never end. Nor does there seem to be an end to the flow of dollars to Ukraine, which is once again taking some $45 billion in aid.

Best memes about Zelensky and Ukraine

Zelensky has strolled through Congress and returned to Ukraine with a sack full of bills and more loaded than Santa Claus. Americans are beginning to wonder who is the priority for Congress, harboring slight doubts as to where the money is going from taxpayers’ hard-pressed pockets.

Meanwhile, the left continues to bitterly complain about Elon Musk spending $45 billion of his money to buy Twitter and demand his resignation.

best memes borat zelensky
Source: memethepoliticians
best memes employee of the month
“Employee of the month.” Source: For America
mejores memes zelensky savior
Source: The Right to Bear Memes
best memes congress
Source: ignaciomgm
best memes current thing
Source: Edwardrussl
best memes purse
Source: That Southern Dude
best memes billions
Source: ignaciomgm
best memes zelensky capitol
Source: The Babylon Bee
best memes venmo
Source: memethepoliticians

Best memes on Argentina vs. France at the World Cup

The thrilling Qatar World Cup final between Argentina and France has brought us some winning memes. While Messi and Argentina’s triumph is historic, it is nothing compared to what Zelensky and Ukraine have won this week.

best memes mbappe
Source: 9gag/cookie9161
best memes messi
Source: 9gag
best memes argentina france
Source: 9gag/mikahei
mejores memes macron
Source: The Right to Bear Memes

Other top memes of the week

Elon Musk, Henry Cavill and Hunter Biden continue to generate good material for the best memes of the week.

mejores memes laptop
Source: For America
mejores memes cavill
mejores memes santa
Source: Donald J. Trump Jr.

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