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The Best Memes of the Week: Inflation Forces Tom Brady Out of Retirement

The best memes of the week help us smile despite the economic disaster caused by leftist politics

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Rising inflation, and especially gas inflation, continues to worry the nation and occupy most of the week’s best memes. Of course, other memes about war, pandemic, and the usual hypocrisy of the left couldn’t be left out either.

The best memes about inflation

The price of gas is going up so dramatically that the first thing people thought of when Tom Brady said he was coming back from the retirement he announced just two months ago is that he did it so he could afford to fill up his gas tank.

However, what many don’t understand is that inflation is related to the nefarious political and economic decisions of the Biden administration, such as his determination to put the Federal Reserve (FED) to work so he could increase spending, but send the Keystone pipeline workers on strike.

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Other best memes of the week

While American families face very real problems on a daily basis, the left remains hell-bent on creating and feeding all sorts of fictitious problems. Here are some of this week’s best memes that highlight this endeavor.

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