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Best Memes of the Week: Shakira and Biden Freak Out

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This week’s best memes have to do with Biden’s classified papers apparently found abandoned in his Corvette, and Shakira freaking out with a third song in which she claims to have gotten over her breakup with Piqué.

Best Shakira memes

Shakira has become the Benjamin Button of music. She started out as a singer-songwriter of more or less mature songs with elaborate lyrics, and has ended up with simplistic teenage spite pop songs.

best memes shakira paquita
Source: Luis Valle
best memes shakira stop ignoring me
“Stop ignoring me”. Source: El Cóndor
best memes casio twingo
“Shakira: You changed a Ferrari for a Twingo and a Rolex for a Casio. Me driving a Twingo with a Casio clock.” Source: SoyMerryCherry
best memes casio
Source: Luis Valle
best memes oh
“Oh wow, it’s me”. Source: Luis Valle
best memes shakira revenge
Source: ignaciomgm
best memes rolex
Source: Ácido en la Red
best memes chau
“That’s it. Bye. But you what makes me mad?!”Source: MarceOzz

Best memes about Biden’s classified papers

Remember when left-wing media was frothing at the mouth over Trump’s alleged classified documents at Mar-a-Lago? Well now that some classified papers have turned up in a Biden garage, they are not only keeping their mouths shut, but only opening them to offer all sorts of justifications and explanations.

best memes scif
Source: Mitch Midnight
best memes facility
Source: Mitch Midnight
best memes media hulk
Source: The Daily Wire
best memes biden bee
Source: The Babylon Bee
best memes classified
Source: Silent Memejority

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