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Best Memes of the Week: Women’s Day

Los mejores memes de la semana: 8 Meme, Día de la Mujer, El American

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For yet another year, Women’s Day has become a day of political activism for the left. Although this Women’s Day was somewhat decaffeinated due to infighting within the feminist movement.

The trans movement did not have enough with being included in Gay Pride Day first, but now it is also appropriating Women’s Day. This has caused that last March 8, many feminist demonstrations have been divided in two, with the pro-trans on one side, and the so-called TERF, on the other.

Perhaps some feminists think that this serves to break stereotypes and prejudices against trans people, but the truth is that it does little to disprove the stereotype that women always end up fighting each other.

best memes 8m
“In nature, some creatures develop bright, intense and vivid colors to alert other species of their toxicity.” Source: No Moleste Progre
best feminist memes
Source: 9gag
best irritating memes
“The most irritating and annoying noises in the world.” Source: Visari998
best memes 8 meme
Source: What I Meme to Say
best harassment memes
Source: Turning Point Action
best memes npc
Source: Trigger Warning
best memes privileges
“The system oppresses women and privileges men / But… / Hello, civil registry? Write down that we’re a woman.”  Fuente: Carlos Adams
best sport memes
Source: For America
best memes awards
Source: For America
mejores memes they them
Source: ignaciomgm
mejores memes gym
Source: Dumbass Photoshop

The best memes from Tucker Carlson’s January 6 videos

Another date marked on the leftist calendar is January 6, although with the so far unpublished videos being released by Tucker Carlson, they may have to erase it from the leftist holiday calendar.

mejores memes tucker
Source: Richard Ratboy
mejores memes tucker carlson
Source: Dumbass Photoshop
mejores memes carlson
Source: The Right to Bear Memes
mejores memes tucker
Source: The Right to Bear Memes
mejores memes 6 de enero
Source: Mostly Peaceful Memes

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