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Best Memes of the Week: Taco Friday!

Los mejores memes de la semana: Taco Friday!, El American

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IT’S TACO FRIDAY! The best memes of the week bring taco flavor. Jill Biden has been getting taco indigestion after she compared Hispanics to tacos and has become the laughingstock of social media.

The Democrats have lost their grip on the Hispanic vote and are very nervous. They have not yet realized that Hispanics detest the nonsense of being called “Latinxs.” To top it all off, they thought it was a good idea to use Jill Biden as a spokesperson to reach out to them.

This spokespersonship is not working. A year ago, she was mocked for her bizarre Spanish pronunciation of “see say pwod way,” and now she has sparked outrage from much of the Hispanic community for comparing it to “breakfast tacos.”

The resulting number of memes is flooding the networks with tacos, which, although they whet the appetite, do not generate much desire to vote for the Democratic Party since the paternalism and condescension with which they treat the Hispanic voter has become evident.

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“After crossing the entire Darien jungle and passing through several countries. We are finally in the United States. / OMG LATINX.”

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Source: The Daily Wire.
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Other best memes of the week

Although Jill Biden’s tacos have been the center of attention, the week has also left us with another batch of dirty pictures of her son Hunter Biden, leaked by 4Chan users. The leaks of Hunter Biden’s electronic devices already seems like a low-quality and tasteless pornography subscription.

We do not know if due to Big Tech’s censorship or because people are fed up with these images, what is certain is that they are not having too much media repercussion. What we do know is that if this same material had belonged to the ex-roommate of the cousin of the nephew of the brother of the father of Donald Trump’s son, the leftist media would have turned it into an international scandal with 24/7 coverage.