NYT Refuses to Include Michael Knowles on Best Seller List

Speechless was the best-selling nonfiction book with 18,000 copies in one week

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The New York Times (NYT) did not include Speechless, by Michael Knowles, on its list of best-selling books for the week ending June 26 despite having been the best-selling nonfiction book, with 18,000 copies, according to Publisher’s Weekly data.

However, the media outlet included books such as On June 19th, which BookScan said sold 4,774 copies that week. Apparently the move was made because Michael Knowles is a conservative. In fact, Knowles retweeted a message in which, as a joke, he was reproached for not apologizing for white supremacy in his book or talking about gender ideology.

At No. 13, reviews Daily Wire, it includes Somebody’s Daughter, a “memoir about growing up as a poor black girl in Indiana with a family fragmented by incarceration” that appears nowhere on Publisher’s Weekly’s list of the 25 best nonfiction books.

Michael Knowles’ gratitude

The New York Times explains that its list is based on sales figures, but it obtains its data confidentially from select booksellers. After receiving the data he estimates total sales based on extrapolation.

Michael Knowles was grateful that his book is the best-selling nonfiction book (Image: Flickr).

The writer thanked the public for making his nonfiction book the best seller. “Thanks so much to all the readers for making Speechless the #1 bestselling nonfiction book in the country last week,” Michael Knowles wrote on Twitter.

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