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Biden Admin Announces X Passports for Gender-neutral Americans

Homeland Security is also adding the X option to its Precheck and Trusted Traveler programs

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Passport applications will have the X gender option that transgender and non-binary people will be able to check off starting next April 11, the Biden administration announced Thursday.

Among the measures to be taken are also the necessary changes in the systems of the U.S. Transportation Administration (TSA), with new technology to replace the frisk and inspection system based on gender.

The Biden administration will install these new systems this year and will also validate procedures for identifying transgender and non-binary individuals at airport security checkpoints.

They also sent orders to major airlines to include the X mark on their passenger identification forms, and two of them, according to the Biden Administration, have already implemented this measure.

One of the most controversial measures is that Homeland Security is also adding the X option in its Precheck and Trusted Traveler programs, which allows travelers who request it and receive the Administration’s approval to have a pass with which they avoid going through airport security controls.

There are also commitments to provide transgender individuals with federal funding allocations.

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