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Biden Admin Confirms New Anti-Aircraft Aid Package for Ukraine

Administración Biden no descarta brindar ayuda a los talibanes

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White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan confirmed today that the new military aid package for Ukraine includes advanced anti-aircraft systems.

In a press briefing at Elmau Castle (southern Germany), which has been hosting the G7 summit since Sunday, Sullivan said that Washington will provide Kyiv with medium- and long-range anti-aircraft defense systems, as well as artillery ammunition and radar systems.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky participated in a meeting with the G7 heads of state and government via videoconference on Monday, where sensitive issues were discussed, according to Sullivan, as it dealt with strategic issues.

Zelensky referred to the attacks on Kyiv yesterday and called for anti-aircraft defense systems capable of shooting down missiles, according to Sullivan.

In addition, the Ukrainian president stressed that he wants to shorten the war as much as possible, the advisor added and implied that Zelensky’s goal is to use the next few months as much as possible to put Kyiv in the best possible position for eventual negotiations.

On the issue of a cap on the price of Russian oil, he noted that a final agreement has not yet been reached due to the complexity of the situation, as it is a new kind of concept to deal with a particularly new challenge.

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