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Everything You Need to Know About Biden’s ‘Disinformation Governance Board’

La administración Biden crea una "Junta de Gobernanza de Desinformación"

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Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, assured Wednesday that the Biden administration is creating a “Disinformation Governance Board.” The measure, according to various media such as Fox News, would be to prevent what the government considers disinformation during the 2022 elections.

The team would be formed by the undersecretary of policy of the Department of Homeland Security, Rob Silvers, and senior advisor Jennifer Gaskill. Following the announcement, Nina Jankowicz, who previously served as part of the disinformation team at the Wilson Center, confirmed that she will head the board as executive director.

“One of the key reasons the Board was established, is to maintain the Department’s commitment to protecting free speech, privacy, civil rights, & civil liberties,” Jankowicz said on her Twitter account.

Disinformation Governance Board comes on the heels of the Twitter buyout

The information is known just after Elon Musk bought Twitter after a day of negotiations with the board of shareholders of the social network, which accepted the Tesla CEO’s offer of $44 billion for the platform. With this move, Twitter would become a 100% private company.

Twitter’s current CEO, Parag Agrawal, after the news of the purchase was confirmed, stated that Twitter has a purpose and relevance that impacts the entire world.

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