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Biden Removes Sanctions Against ICC Personnel

Anthony Blinken - El American

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The Biden administration has lifted sanctions imposed by the Donald Trump administration on the International Criminal Court (ICC), Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced last Friday. The measure puts an end to the imposition of economic sanctions and visa restrictions for ICC members.

Former President Donald Trump had taken the measure because he considered that the Court attacked the human rights of Americans. This, after the body allowed investigations of Afghanistan and Palestine investigations for alleged war crimes by American and Israeli soldiers.

“We continue to strongly disagree with the ICC’s actions related to Afghanistan and Palestinian situations. However, we believe that our concerns about these cases would be best addressed through the participation of all stakeholders in the ICC process,” the Department of State said, via a statement.

Biden hoping for improved relations

In addition, the Democratic administration recalled the work of the U.S. before the international community and assured that it hopes that the court can make reforms that will allow its improvement. “We are encouraged that states parties to the Rome Statute are considering a wide range of reforms to help the Court prioritize its resources and achieve its core mission of serving as a court of last resort to punish and deter heinous crimes.”

In 2020, the White House argued that the actions taken by the International Criminal Court were about politics and not justice. “The ICC’s actions are an attack on the rights of Americans and threaten to undermine our national sovereignty,” said Kayleigh McEnany, then-White House spokesperson.

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