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Biden Defends Immigration Rhetoric: ‘They Should Not Come’

Biden, El American

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During a Town Hall special, moderated by Don Lemont on CNN, President Joe Biden echoed the words of his Vice President, Kamala Harris, who during her trip to Guatemala told migrants “don’t come” to the United States illegally.

When asked by Democrat Madeena Nolan if he supported Harris’ position -despite having indicated that he was in favor of the arrival of refugees- Biden responded: “Yes. They should not come”, and asked the citizens of the Northern Triangle of Central America (Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador) who wish to seek asylum in the United States to do so from an American embassy in their countries of origin, not by illegally crossing the southern border.

“You can go in [to embassies] and seek and see whether or not you qualify,” Biden said. We’ve significantly increased the number of officers who can hear cases as to whether or not you qualify under the law for being here as a refugee.”

The president also sought to reframe his call for refugees, saying that, when he says he is willing to take in more immigrants, he is referring to Afghans who helped American soldiers in Afghanistan, as it is “the only decent thing” to offer them in return for their service.

“The one place you may heard that I’m talking about more immigrants coming in are those folks from Afghanistan who helped the American soldiers, who will be — they and their family will be victimized very badly as a consequence of what happens if they’re left behind. And so, we’re providing for them to be able to see whether they qualify to meet this special requirement to be able to come to the United States as a refugee and as, ultimately, earning citizenship here. It seems to me it’s the only decent thing that we can do,” he added.

He noted that these potential Afghan migrants will be sent to U.S. military bases, from where they will not be able to leave while it is determined whether or not they qualify.

Las contradicciones de Joe Biden sobre los refugiados. (The Washington Post)

In the past, Biden had promised an executive order to “address the unprecedented global need”. However, the official position changed drastically after a series of contradictions that ended with Kamala Harris calling on Central American immigrants to “not come”.

Likewise, the media that demonized Donald Trump for his immigration policies, remained silent or changed their positions when it came to covering the drastic change of position of the Biden-Harris formula in this regard, after the turnaround in immigration policies was one of their promises during their election campaign.

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