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Biden Announces $2.98 Billion More in Military Aid to Ukraine

Biden Announces $2.98 Billion More in Arms Aid to Ukraine

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President Joe Biden announced Wednesday, on Ukraine’s Independence Day, a new $2.98 billion military aid for Ukraine, the largest package to date.

He added that this aid would enable Ukraine to acquire new air defense systems, artillery and ammunition, air defense systems, and radars to continue its long-term defense.

In his statement, Biden congratulated the Ukrainian people on their Independence Day and stressed that over the past six months, the citizens of this country have inspired the world with their extraordinary courage and dedication to freedom.

Biden admitted that this Independence Day is bitter for Ukrainians when thousands have been killed or injured, and millions more have had to flee their homes. In contrast, many others have been victims of Russian atrocities and attacks.

Since Biden arrived at the White House, military aid to Ukraine has been continuous and now totals, with this latest and largest package, more than $13.5 billion, most of it delivered since the Russian invasion began last February.

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