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Biden Authorizes Sale of E15 Fuel in Scrambling Attempt to Alleviate Energy Crisis

Biden autorizará la venta del combustible E15 para intentar contrarrestar la crisis energética

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President Joe Biden is scheduled to approve new measures to counter the energy crisis caused in part by the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces and his cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline, among other controversial environmental measures.

Biden will authorize the sale this summer of E15 fuel, which has 15% ethanol and is normally banned around this time.

Regular gasoline has risen an average of 80 cents, an amount that throughout the month of March has exceeded one dollar.

In addition to the release of a total of 240 million barrels of strategic petroleum reserves in the next six months, announced by the International Energy Agency (IEA), Biden will add a boost to the consumption of E15, which has a higher percentage of biofuel and is produced in the United States.

The product, which is offered at some 2,300 gas stations in the country, is not sold in most of the nation during the hot season, between June 1 and September 15, to avoid air pollution from ethanol, but on this occasion, an emergency exemption will be issued.

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According to Washington officials, each gallon of E15 offers a savings of about 10 cents over other fuels.

The Biden administration also plans to invest $700 million in a Biofuel Producers Program, $5.6 million in renewable energy infrastructure, and another $100 million in biofuel infrastructure.