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Biden Calls on Taliban to Free Kidnapped American

Biden pide a los talibanes que liberen a americano secuestrado

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President Joe Biden on Sunday called on the Taliban to release Mark Frerichs, who was kidnapped two years ago in Afghanistan and is considered the last U.S. hostage held by the insurgent group.

Frerichs, a veteran of the Armed Forces, was working as a civil engineer on development projects in Afghanistan when he was kidnapped by the Taliban.

In a statement, Biden recalled that Monday marked the two-year anniversary of the kidnapping and warned the Taliban that there will be no international recognition until Frerichs is released.

Biden mentioned in his statement the family of Frerichs, originally from the state of Illinois, and recalled that they have already lived through two heartbreaking years, praying for his safety and wondering where and how he is, longing for his return.

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