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Yet Another Biden Gaffe: POTUS Confuses Switzerland with Sweden at NATO Summit

Biden confunde Suiza con Suecia en la cumbre de OTAN

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President Joe Biden had a slip of the tongue and confused Sweden with Switzerland on Thursday during the press conference with which he closed his participation in the NATO summit in Madrid.

Biden was talking about NATO’s formal invitation to Sweden and Finland to join the Alliance and recalled when the President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, suggested that he call the Prime Minister of Sweden, Magdalena Andersson, but at that moment he got the wrong country.

“We got on the telephone, he suggested we call the leader of, uh, of Switzerland. Switzerland!,” Biden said.

“I’m getting really anxious here about expanding NATO, of Sweden!,” he self-corrected.

It is not uncommon for the 79-year-old president to have such lapses and, in the past, he himself has admitted being gaffe-prone.

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