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Biden Defends Bombing of Pro-Iranian Militias Before Congress

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President Joe Biden defended on Tuesday before Congress the bombings he ordered on Sunday against pro-Iranian militia positions in border areas between Syria and Iraq. He claimed that they sought to respond to the escalation of previous attacks.

In a letter addressed to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, to which EFE had access, Biden maintained that with the June 27 bombings he aimed to prevent these “militias from carrying out or supporting new attacks against American personnel or facilities.”

“I ordered the attacks to protect and defend the safety of our personnel, and to degrade and stop the series of ongoing attacks against the United States and our partners,” the president said in the letter.

The bombings

In this regard, Biden said that the attacks took place against two facilities in Syria and Iraq, both in the border area between the two countries.

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The bombings left at least 11 civilians and Shiite militiamen dead. The Pentagon assured that they were launched in response to other attacks by pro-Iranian militias against American positions and soldiers.