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Biden Demands Democrats Approve Spending Plans ‘Right Now’

Biden exige a los demócratas aprobar sus planes de gasto "ahora mismo"

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President Joe Biden on Friday pressed all House Democrats to vote “right now” to pass two key pieces of his progressive agenda.

“I call on all members of the House of Representatives to vote yes on these two bills, right now,” Biden told reporters at the White House.

The president was trying to support the attempts of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, to approve this Friday both the spending plan valued at $ 1.75 trillion and the infrastructure project of $ 1.2 trillion.

“This will be a huge boost (to the economy) when it happens. Let’s show the world that American democracy can deliver, and it can boost our economy,” Biden stressed.

According to Biden, the two bills will “create millions of jobs” and address “the climate crisis,” in addition to “lowering inflationary pressure on the economy,” claims that have been refuted by economists and political analysts who argue that more spending will only worsen the country’s economic crisis.

It is still unclear whether the Democrats will manage to pass Biden’s initiatives this Friday, after months of infighting between the moderate and radical sectors of the party and after 24 hours of vertigo.

Disagreements still remain, especially among some moderate lawmakers who consider Biden’s plan too costly and have threatened to vote against it if they do not have a cost estimate in hand by Friday.

The approval numbers of Biden and the Democrats have fallen drastically in recent months as a result of the economic crisis and serious mistakes in international policy, which was demonstrated in the last elections held in Virginia and New Jersey.

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