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Biden Is Disregarding America’s ‘Judeo Christian Values’: Trump’s Former Religious Advisor

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Since its founding, the United States and its society have put God first in everything they have done. “In God we trust” is not the national motto of the United States in vain. Most presidents have been practicing Christians or, at the very least, protected and pursued an agenda with Judeo-Christian values. Such influence continues in American culture, social life, and politics. According to Pew Research Center, between 2018-2019 at least 65% of Americans considered themselves Christian.

Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, who was a White House religious advisor under the administrations of George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump, believes that the Biden-Harris administration should have an agenda closer to Judeo Christian values, since these, he says, are in the constitutional and social DNA of the United States.

“From America’s inception, the founders began by incorporating Judeo Christian values into the constitutional, cultural, and political DNA. Our nation was founded very differently. It was founded on the principle that our rights do not come from man, they do not come from a common understanding: our rights come from God and since they come from Him, He is the only one who has the power to limit them or take them away,” he told El American.

Rodríguez explained that religion not only influences society but also has an important presence in politics. In addition, he indicated that everything the United States does is done with the faith that God will help accomplish it.

He has no doubt that this thinking is what has allowed American society to succeed in most of the areas it has ventured into. “All the success America has achieved has been provided by its commitment to God. That’s not just me saying it, it’s been said by President Trump, President Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and many other presidents,” he added.

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Samuel Rodríguez said that the Biden-Harris administration should pursue an agenda with Judeo Christian values. (EFE)

An agenda with Judeo Christian values

Rodriguez considers that the Biden administration is disregarding American principles. Similarly, he comments that the operative hands behind the Democratic president are people who are trying to present a very secular image.

“But at the same time, the majority of the Democratic Party are African Americans and Latinos, which are the groups most committed to Christianity. So I think that even though the Democratic Party right now has the power, in the future — 2 or 4 years — it’s already looking like they’re going to have a very difficult time maintaining their power because their agenda doesn’t align with that group.”

More Christian leadership in power

The pastor says that if he could advise Biden he would tell him to move forward on a “morality agenda.”

“Right now the country is heading downhill. There is an ideology that is permeating and it’s about the cancel culture. It is absurd. You cannot accept the follies of some people committed to an ideology that is anti-system. If you want to receive the respect of the majority of the country, you must move forward on an agenda of morality and spiritual authority.”

Biden is the second Catholic president of the United States and disagrees with many of the Church’s teachings, for example, abortion. For Rodriguez, that is one of the points on which the president must rectify because lives are being put at risk.

He pointed out that more leadership is needed in politics that is committed to biblical values and to stop what he described as “brutal liberalism.” “We need many more people committed to Judeo Christian values. Biblical traditions must be preserved and push against this brutal liberalism that is destroying this generation.”

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