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Screwing the Average Joe: How Biden Rules for America’s Elite

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If I told you that Biden had existed countless times in the past, would you think I was crazy… or really crazy? Well, regardless of how fused you may think my head is, it’s not that far-fetched what I’m telling you. Let me explain.

The cyclical theory of times and things are neither new nor Nietzschean. Nietzsche spoke of the eternal return, yes… but first did Aristotle and Polybius than the German.

We know from history and theories such as Aristotle’s comparative political models or Polybius’ Anacyclosis that every virtuous, decent political system has its vicious, decadent counterpart. But before them comes Xenophon, a great Athenian military man, and philosopher.

Xenophon meditated a lot on economic policy and politics in general. In On Revenues he launches a masterful sentence regarding the issue we are dealing with today. “I have always thought,” he says, “that, according to the way the governors are, so end up being also the forms of government.” For the Athenian, there is a direct relationship between the works of the rulers and the living conditions they generate in the population.

A millennium later, the French traditionalist philosopher Joseph De Maistre said in Lettres et opuscules inédits: “Each nation has the government it deserves”.

In a critical tone to the counterrevolutionary pessimism, the Venezuelan philosopher Laureano Vallenilla Lanz explains that “every people has, not the government it deserves, as the empiricists and pessimists say, but the system of government that it itself produces according to its idiosyncrasy and cultural level.”

All three, however, were immersed in the clashes of their times. What they perhaps did not see is that governments and peoples both respond inexorably to the climates that suit them. Our world today is ruled by a culture of denial, the anti-Spirit, and it generates only denial and destruction; it is no accident, therefore, that Biden has come to the White House running as the “anti-Trump.”

biden, capitolio, national guard
The Capitol surrounded by a metal fence and thousands of National Guardsmen – serving as a crocodile pool – shows the state of American politics. (Flickr)

Biden is not the embodiment of Americans’ desires but the hysterical expression of a part of them. Biden does not rule for the whole country, but he reflects the elite’s spirit that brought him to power with their lies and dirty technological tactics.

This election exposed the tech giants’ criminality and the hypocrisy with which they treat the people. And that, with Biden being the Big Guy of corrupt business dealings with the Chinese Communist Party along with his degenerate son, exposes the spirit of the permanent political class that actually rules the U.S.

But to a more aesthetic degree, it is the Capitol surrounded by a metal fence and thousands of National Guardsmen – serving as a crocodile pool – that shows the state of American politics.

The spirit of Nero rules the blue Capitol from which Pelosi, AOC, Schumer, and Kamala play their plurisexual, ecoracial lyres – and other tongue twisters – while the American worker drowns in bankruptcy. But when the latter gets upset, then, it is the apocalypse. Strange.

Americans’ weariness is a product of the lies and betrayal that have been thrown in their faces for decades.

So why the cage? Well, because fear lives in this government and has been the surprise of this permanent elite. They wield power, but they become frightened babies when the other cheek is not turned. It’s surreal! God is giving Dave Chappelle stand-up material for his next Netflix special.

Biden suffers the worst thing a ruler can suffer: He doesn’t actually rule. He says he rules, but it’s big business and the Democrat elite. And it is sad. An oligarch who will do anything to get approved while claiming the people support him, a “People’s House” with anything but people, and a broken nation except its corporations make up a sad picture of the Republic.

Will the Biden administration stand up to its character? No doubt! Do Americans deserve it? Not at all! Does this tragic episode respond to the cultural state of the U.S.? Not the cultural state of the country, but of the world.

Biden is the spirit of the ossified American elite that despises the worker, hinders patriotism, and spits in the face of We, the People.

Rafael Valera, Venezuelan, student of Political Science, political exile in São Paulo, Brazil since 2017 // Rafael Valera, venezolano, es estudiante de Ciencias Políticas y exiliado político en São Paulo, Brasil desde 2017

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