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‘Biden Has Blood on His Hands’: Sen. Rick Scott on Truck with 50 Dead Migrants

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This Monday, the tragic news of the discovery of a tractor-trailer with 50 dead migrants was released. The truck was found near San Antonio, Texas, in an area adjacent to a train track located about 250 km from the southern border.

Charles Hood, chief of the San Antonio Fire Department, stated that the migrants had died from exhaustion and overheating inside the tractor-trailer, which didn’t have air conditioning. He noted that the victims didn’t have access to water and survivors were so weakened that they were unable to get out of the truck on their own. Sixteen survivors are now hospitalized, including four children. San Antonio is an extremely hot place, and temperatures this Monday reached 102 degrees °F.

Since President Biden took office, the southern border has been the scene of a serious immigration crisis. The soft policies towards illegal migrants on a daily basis, as well as the administration’s statements, have triggered a call effect that increased the number of migrants and with it, tragedies have come along.

Human smugglers give vicious and even criminal treatment to migrants, who are constantly exposed to death. They make a trip to which they often do not have basic elements such as water. It is also widely documented that sexual abuse is suffered by thousands of girls and women who undertake this journey.

During his campaign, one of the issues that Biden addressed the most was immigration. He assured that in his administration, migrants would be treated in a more humane manner. But the images we see daily at the U.S.-Mexico border are heartbreaking.

Senator Rick Scott was strong in his statements: “Joe Biden has blood on his hands. This is the deadly cost of his open borders & amnesty policies. END THE CRISIS NOW. SECURE THE BORDER.”

Commenting on the horrific tragedy, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said, “these deaths are on Biden. They are a result of his deadly open border policies. They show the deadly consequences of his refusal to enforce the law.”

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