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Biden ‘Jokes’ About Sending Political Opponents to Jail. The FBI Actually Does It the Very Next Morning

When a Democrat ‘jokes’ about doing something extreme to their political opponents, Americans can take it as a promise.

Take Joe Biden’s Wednesday night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he promised to send his political opponents to jail:

“We often get asked, ‘look, the Republicans don’t play it square, why do you play it square?” Biden claimed.

“Yeah,” Jimmy Kimmel noted.

“If we do the same thing they do, our democracy [sic] will literally be in jeopardy,” Biden said.

After Kimmel made a convoluted analogy to playing monopoly with a cheater, the late night host asked, “How do we make any progress?”

“We’ve got to send them to jail,” Biden said as the audience cheered.

On Thursday morning, that’s exactly what the FBI did.

“Last night on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, Biden promised to throw his political opponents in jail,” The Federalist’s Sean Davis remarked. “This morning, Biden’s FBI arrested a GOP candidate for governor in Michigan.”

“CONFIRMED: FBI is executing a search warrant at the Allendale home of Ryan Kelley,” local reporter Grant Hermes reported. “There’s also an arrest warrant out for him. Kelley is a current GOP gov candidate polling around 19%, the top of the field right now. He was also on the Capitol steps on Jan. 6.

“FBI spokesperson says the details of the arrest warrant should be coming down soon,” he added. “[W]hen I asked about a timeline the spox said they were hoping for ‘sooner rather than later.’ More to come.”

According to Channel 8, Kelley been “questioned about his connection to militia groups and for encouraging prospective poll workers to tamper with voting machines during a January 2022 livestream.”

“My message was if individuals working the election expect fraud, that they repair the injury,” Kelley told News 8 after the stream. “I stand by that 100%. The left is mad that we are taking control of the narrative and we will not let them steal another election.”

The FBI arrest precedes a high-profile hearing on primetime Thursday night, where the Democrats’ partisan Jan. 6 committee will attempt to make the case that Donald Trump was responsible for the far-right attack on the Capitol building.

As reported earlier, a former senior adviser to the Jan. 6 committee has admitted that there is no ‘smoking gun‘ that Donald Trump had anything to do with plotting the Capitol riots.

“I don’t know if the baseline’s going to be just about the criminal activity,” Riggleman confessed. “I think it’s going to be about the belief systems that we have to combat in the future.”

It is an interesting coincidence that the FBI arrest took place in Michigan, where the bureau’s agents have been accused of ‘entrapment’ in the purportedly foiled ‘plot’ to kidnap Governor Whitmer.

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