Biden Less Popular Among Hispanics Than Any Other Demographic Group

The Democrat’s support among the Hispanic community stands at just 26%.

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60% of Hispanics disapprove of Joe Biden’s performance as President of the United States. Thus, the Democrat’s support among the Latino community stands at only 26%, which represents a drop in his popularity.

According to a Quinnipiac study, dissatisfaction is repeated among all Americans. The majority of citizens do not agree with the president’s economic policies. 63% of voters disapprove of the work done by his administration. As for his decisions on the border, 58% disagree with the way the immigration crisis has been dealt with.

Last month, another Ipsos poll showed that 54% of Hispanics disapprove of the president’s job, with a staggering 32% saying they strongly disapprove of Biden as president. “These numbers illustrate the deep problem Democrats have with the Hispanic electorate, which has been a bedrock of the Democrats’ electoral chances for decades,” commented El American analyst Daniel Chang.

Biden’s plummets in polls

Joe Biden’s popularity had already taken a big dip among the Hispanic community. By February, the president’s approval rating among Latinos had plummeted by at least 40 points in just one year. The data correspond to a survey conducted by Civiqs, which compared data from January 2021 and February 2022.

“The study highlighted that during January 2021, the Democratic president had an approval rating of 65% and a disapproval rating of 26%, representing 39-point support for the president. However, in February 2022 he has an approval rating of 44% and a disapproval of 45%, which means a drop of 40 points in his popularity,” explained El American.

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