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Biden Considering Executive Order to Restrict Gun Sales

Biden Considering Executive Order to Restrict Gun Sales - El American

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President Joe Biden will not rule out the use of executive orders to crack down on constitutionally established Second Amendment rights, according to reports.

The revelation was made during a White House press conference on Tuesday in response to a statement Biden issued last week calling for a ban on semi-automatic firearms, in addition to other gun control measures.

White House press secretary Jennifer Psaki when asked if Biden plans to take executive action on gun control, assured that “the President has a variety of actions at his disposal. He has not ruled out any of those options.”

Biden recently called on Congress to enact “common sense” gun reforms, as well as to require background checks for buyers “for all gun sales,” and to ban assault rifles and high-capacity magazines.

For the President, it is necessary to “put an end to the immunity of gun manufacturers who put weapons of war on the streets.”

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