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Biden Administration Names Presidential Advisor for the Americas

Gobierno Biden nombra consejero presidencial para las Américas, EFE

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The U.S. government has appointed a special presidential advisor for the Americas, whose job will be to help implement the U.S. commitments adopted at the Summit of the Americas held a few months ago in Los Angeles, the State Department said in a statement.

The person who will fill this position is former Senator Chris Dodd, who will also work directly with Vice President Kamala Harris and the Departments of State and Interior in preparation for the Cities of the Americas Summit, to be held in Denver in April 2023.

Dodd was already special advisor to the president for the Summit of the Americas, and now his mission will be to help implement the commitments of that meeting, in areas such as economic cooperation, migration, health, human rights and food security.

The State Department highlighted Dodd’s record as a public servant and considered him highly qualified to help build a “sustainable, resilient and egalitarian” future for the people of the Americas.