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Maskless Biden Photographed in Nantucket Breaking His Own Mandate

Nantucket, El American

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President Joe Biden was spotted this weekend walking around without a mask in a store on Nantucket, in a clear breach of the requirement that was made explicit on a sign hanging on the front door.

Biden, who has urged citizens on several occasions to wear masks in enclosed spaces, was in a Murray’s Toggery Shop with the mask around his neck.

Masks are mandatory in Nantucket

But the president was not only breaking the store’s internal regulations. Last November 18, health authorities on the island of Nantucket reimposed the mandatory use of masks in enclosed spaces in the face of an increase in COVID-19.

The president was on the Massachusetts island to celebrate Thanksgiving at the mansion of billionaire David Rubenstein, and attended a Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

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During August, Biden called for a three-month nationwide mandatory facemask mandate, with the goal of “saving lives.” This recent Nantucket order will last for at least two weeks and will be rescinded once the island falls below the 50th percentile of cities that test their wastewater for the presence of COVID.-19.