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Biden is Powerless Against China

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Although many prefer to avoid the subject either out of interest or not to shock, a truth the size of New York’s Fifth Avenue is that communist China is the biggest unfair competitor in the world market: stealing patents, flooding the market with counterfeit products, have some of the most polluting industries on the planet, they apply slavery and exploitation to their workers so that their products are extremely cheaper than those produced in most of the world.

Therefore, the only president who was able to tell China to stop its abuses was Donald Trump. As expected, this unleashed a trade war and tension on a global scale never before experienced between the two nations. Unfortunately, for the free world, the battle was won by Xi Jinping, who, thanks to the tragic health situation generated in the USA by the SARS-CoV2 outbreak, ended up eroding the electorate’s support for the Republican leader.

Now with Trump out of the White House and after the recent swearing-in of Biden, the mainstream media corporations highlighted the 17 executive orders signed by the Democrat-progressive, encompassing what was described as a new management strategy against the pandemic, economy, immigration policy, climate change, racial and LGBT equality, and government management.

However, the heart of what happened these days -as expected- did not receive much coverage. We refer to two appointments made by Biden in particular: as CIA director, William Burns, a veteran diplomat specializing in the Middle East and Russia, but the relevant fact is that he has more than a decade of relationship with the China-US Exchange Foundation, among other factors linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The other curious appointment was that of Anita Dunn as White House Press Secretary. According to CBS, she worked with Biden since his presidential campaign and also worked with the Obama Administration. However, let us remember that Dunn publicly said that her favorite “philosopher” was Mao, the Chinese tyrant and father of the current opprobrious authoritarian regime under which millions of Chinese suffer.

In crude terms, the Biden Administration’s heart lies not only in those 17 executive orders signed last January 21, which are basically reversals of the policies adopted by his predecessor. But in the message between the lines sent by Biden about what his Administration will be, which, judging by the appointments in key positions such as the CIA and the White House Press Office, undoubtedly allow us to sustain that he will develop a soft line with the Chinese communist empire, which is in tune with himself. Let us keep in mind his personal and business closeness with the Asian giant.

This will end up having a great impact because, if the Biden Administration is lax or extremely lax towards Xi Jinping’s China, it will end up indirectly contributing to its consolidation as a global power. This, in turn, translates into the hegemony of its economy, politics, and Chinese values over the culture and traditions of the free world, ergo a weakening of freedom and democracy in the West. It will be the victory of the dragon over the eagle.

Nahem Reyes is a PhD in History from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello.

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