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Biden’s Personnel Advisor Linked to Chinese Espionage

Joe Biden’s next personnel advisor was a “visiting professor” at an intelligence agency linked to China’s Communist Party that was set up to recruit Western spies, according to a National Pulse exclusive.

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One of President-elect Joe Biden’s personnel advisors “served in a Chinese intelligence organization marked by the FBI for recruiting Western spies,” The National Pulse revealed on Wednesday.

According to their exclusive report, Thomas Zimmerman, who will serve as a Special Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel under Joe Biden, formerly served as a visiting scholar at what the FBI has described as a “front group for Chinese intelligence collection and overseas spy recruitment.””

The article explains while at New York University’s Center for International Cooperation, Zimmerman was also a fellow at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, a Chinese intelligence organization “singled out by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for its close ties to the main spy agency of the Communist Party of China and the State Security Ministry.”

The Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) is classified by the FBI as a “front group for Chinese intelligence gathering and recruitment of spies abroad,” was directly involved in a criminal case in 2019 where “a retired agent of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was selling classified U.S. defense documents to China.”

Zimmerman is merely the latest controversial figure appointed by Joe Biden as he prepares to formally take power next week.

For example, William Burns, a career diplomat, is Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Burns was one of the key players in secretly negotiating the nuclear deal with Iran during the Obama Administration and, at the same time, is a staunch defender of the Democrats’ foreign policy and a harsh critic of the Trump administration’s approach to the Middle East.

Another appointment with dubious associations is that of John Kerry, to whom Biden gave the National Security Council. The official is one of the great architects of the flawed agreement with Iran and the man responsible for signing the Paris climate agreement.

personnel advisor - biden - el american
Joe Biden, president-elect of the United States. His personnel advisor, Thomas Zimmerman, was part of a Chinese agency that recruited Western spies. (EFE).
Biden’s personnel advisor was a ‘visiting professor’ in the academy

The National Pulse explained that the operator, named Kevin Mallory, was contacted by a SASS official through the social network LinkedIn to establish a conversation-relationship for further cooperation of the operator with the agency. That adventure ended with a 20-year prison sentence for Mallory.

“The FBI has described the Chinese Communist Party as dependent on SASS employees as ‘observers and advisors’ to potential Western spies,” the report states. “State Security Ministry officials, described by the FBI as interested in ‘influencing foreign policy in other countries,’ have also ‘used SASS affiliation as a covert identity.'”

Joe Biden’s next staff advisor was a “visiting professor” at a Chinese Communist Party intelligence agency that was set up to recruit Western spies.

According to Homeland Security Today, Zimmerman’s association with the think tank as a professor focuses “on Afghanistan, Somalia and Chinese regional policy.”

Biden’s personnel advisor also “organized an academic lecture hall” with Chinese Communist Party advisor Li Lifan on “issues related to counterterrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan, security issues in Central Asia, the U.S. perspective on the Belt and Road Initiative and security issues in South Asia” at the Shanghai Institute of American Studies (SIAS).”

The SIAS is financed by the Communist Party of China and “provides advisory services to the central government and local decision makers.”

Zimmerman is also serving as the deputy chief of national security personnel on the Biden-Harris transition team. However, the biography of the personnel advisor at the transition website omits any mention of his contentious links to China.

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