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Biden Prepares to Renew Chevron’s License in Venezuela, According to Reuters

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Reuters news agency reported on Tuesday that Joe Biden’s Administration is preparing to renew Chevron’s license in Venezuela. The measure would be announced by the Treasury Department. However, sources familiar with the matter explained that most probably the permit will not have the terms requested by the American oil company.

“The last U.S. energy producer in Venezuela asked President Joe Biden’s government in March for a license that would allow it a greater say in its joint ventures with Venezuela’s state-run PDVSA, a first step to reviving output and controlling where oil is sent,” reported Reuters.

The Republicans’ warning on Venezuela policy

On Monday, the Cuban-born Republican congresswoman, María Elvira Salazar, warned about the Biden Administration’s pretensions of having negotiations with Nicolás Maduro. “Unfortunately, President Joe Biden’s advisors are desperate to reach an agreement again with Maduro and Díaz Canel,” Salazar wrote on Twitter.

She further added: “The empirical evidence is there. In 24 hours, Mr. Juan Gonzalez, White House advisor, gets on a private plane. He is going to talk to Maduro to see how the United States can buy crude oil from him.”

Last week, the Associated Press news agency reported that Joe Biden’s government is taking steps to ease sanctions against Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorship in Venezuela. According to the media, it would be a policy to boost the regime’s negotiations with the Venezuelan opposition.

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