Biden Preparing Arrival of Thousands of Afghans Before All Americans Evacuated

The confirmation of such plans comes despite reports that thosands of U.S. citizens still remain stranded across Afghanistan.

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The Biden administration is reportedly planning the arrival of thousands of Afghan refugees before his administration has safely evacuated all Americans from the Taliban-controlled territory.

On Wednesday, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin officially approved the use of Fort McCoy to house Afghan refugees, many of whom will be housed in Wisconsin. Several federal agencies are currently finalizing details for the plan.

“I’m at an exercise at Fort McCoy right now and 2,200 Afghan refugees are arriving here tomorrow,” said one military source. “What about the thousands of Americans still stranded in Afghanistan? It is both irritating and heartbreaking.”

“I’ve heard it from many high-ranking officers. They said that 10-15 thousands more should be arriving between today and early next week. Americans are not priority.”

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers said at an event in Columbus Wednesday that the state would welcome thousands of Afghan refugees.

“We’ve heard numbers in the hundreds, possibly 2,000 but that, frankly, is all conjecture at this time,” Evers said. “We will continue to keep posted when we know any more.”

The confirmation of such plans comes despite reports that thousands of U.S. citizens still remain stranded in Kabul and wider Afghanistan, which is now effectively under complete Taliban control.

During his press conference on Wednesday, Austin admitted that U.S. forces in Afghanistan lack the “capability” to evacuate all the Americans stranded in Kamul and transfer them safely to the airport.

He added that any evacuation effort would depend on the Taliban’s willingness to allow the safe passage of Americans to the airport, which itself is currently in a state of complete mayhem.

El American reached out to Fort McCoy Public Affairs Office for comment.

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