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Biden Rants Against ‘Ultra-MAGA’ Agenda, Forgets How to Say ‘LGBTQI+’

President Biden can’t solve the nation’s problems, but he sure can give a good speech. Strike that, he can’t even give a good speech.

Biden boasted on Wednesday about all of the alleged ‘progress’ his administration has done for the LGBTQIA+ community while forgetting how to even say it. Watch:

“Also proud to have signed an executive order my first day in office to combat discrimination against LGBTQL… I… excuse me, plus, Americans in housing and healthcare and education and employment, financial services and the criminal justice system,” he said.

It would be interesting to see if Biden could name what all those letters stand for. Furthermore, Biden went off the rails in a rant against the purportedly sinister ‘Ultra MAGA’ agenda.

“No one knows better than the people in this room we have a lot more work to do a lot more work to do,” Biden railed. “A lot more work to do. I don’t have to tell you about Ultra-MAGA agenda, attacking families and our freedoms. Three hundred discriminatory bills introduced in states across this country. In Texas, knocking on front doors harass investigate parents who are raising transgender childre. In Florida, going after Mickey Mouse for godsake.”

Biden also announced that ‘pride is back at the White House’ by boasting that the administration has more LGBTQI officials than all other administrations combined. Too bad the White House can’t have “pride” in its disastrous results.

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