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Biden Lifts Sanctions on Castro’s Partners as Cubans Fight for Freedom

Biden elimina sanciones a los socios del castrismo mientras los cubanos luchan por su libertad

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In international politics nothing happens by chance, the steps taken by the rulers in certain instances are always accompanied by an elaborate strategy to protect their interests, or those of those they may consider strategic, commercial or even ideological partners.

On the same day that Cubans decided to rise up to fight against the tyranny that has subjected them for more than 60 years, the administration of Democrat Joe Biden has decided to lift the sanctions for “certain transactions related to the export or re-export of liquefied petroleum gas” to the main partner of the Cuban tyranny: Nicolás Maduro.

With this action, the President of the United States not only assures the Venezuelan regime a new flow of income to perpetuate its dictatorial regime, but also indirectly finances Castroism, since it is well known to all that during the last decades the Communist Party of Cuba and its terror squad was maintained thanks to the multi-million dollar and oil gifts from Chavismo.

Cubans and Venezuelans unite in protest in Spain against the tyrannies of their countries (EFE)

The decision taken by the U.S. government under Joe Biden should come as no surprise to those of us who have closely followed Democratic policies in recent years, increasingly leaning to the radical left.

In fact, before leaving the White House in 2017, Barack Obama’s administration, of which the current president served as vice president, decided to eliminate the “wet foot, dry foot” immigration benefit, according to which all Cubans who set foot on American soil had the right to remain in the country, a political favor that was greeted and thanked by Castroism, since the image of his regime was darkened by the constant flight of Cubans who ventured to the sea in precarious boats, without food, without water, with the threat of sharks, in order to escape socialism and reach free land.

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The message during the more than twenty years that this policy was in force was very clear: Cubans preferred to risk their lives and die at sea, rather than continue living under the socialist system.

Today the President of the United States releases a diplomatic statement in which he says he supports the Cubans in “their clamor for freedom”, but on the other hand, and almost simultaneously, the Treasury Department’s statement comes out that will feed the bank accounts of those who have crushed the freedoms of Venezuelans and Cubans for decades.

In Cuba, it took almost three decades for people to return to the streets in a determined manner to confront Castro’s tyranny, for many years the attempts to awaken a civil rebellion against totalitarianism were stifled by the disappearances, tortures and imprisonment of anyone who thought differently, a scenario similar to the one currently being experienced in Venezuela.

Joe Biden: «Estamos con el pueblo cubano y su clamoroso llamado a la libertad»
Protests on the island against Castroism (EFE)

Over the past day, 57 people have been detained or disappeared in Cuba, this just in the course of 24 hours; it is the policy of terror and harassment with which one of the longest-lived tyrannies on planet earth has been maintained.

It is a mockery, a lack of respect, an action of tremendous cruelty, that on the day that Cubans took the courage to fight against the weapons of the Castro regime, the United States sends a message of encouragement to the partners of the regime that crushes them.

Cubans, Venezuelans, and the entire Latino community in the United States, as well as anyone who advocates for the absolute freedom of all men and women in the world, and who opposes dictatorships that crush their citizens and sentence them to hunger, misery and death, must condemn the policies issued by the American authorities that benefit the tyrannies of Cuba and Venezuela, and that hinder the struggle of their citizens to be free.

Protesters call for freedom for Cuba (EFE)

Those who have the right to vote in the United States should remember these actions the next time they have the opportunity to elect state or federal authorities in the most important nation in the world. Those who feed and negotiate with tyrants are morally unfit to lead free nations.

Emmanuel Rincón is a lawyer, writer, novelist and essayist. He has won several international literary awards. He is Editor-at-large at El American // Emmanuel Rincón es abogado, escritor, novelista y ensayista. Ganador de diversos premios literarios internacionales. Es editor-at-large en El American